In Memory of Dr. Richard M Berkman – Obituary

Richard Mayer Berkman
  • March 13, 1936 – May 28, 2011
  • Santa Barbara, California]
  • In Memory of Dr Richard M Berkman. Richard was also a classical pianist.

I met Richard playing handball at GVAC in Goleta. Richard loved Handball and handball players, especially Dell Mora a national champion. Richard was my friend, always kind to me and always had a good joke to tell or kind words to handball players. Richard favourite serve was from the right service line. He would underhand the ball and serve it high and deep into the left-hand deep corner. I visited Richard 2 weeks before he passed with Brian M and I asked him if he needed anything…he wanted a McDonald’s burger, fries, and a shake. He got it.


In Memory of Dr Richard M Berk

John Paine Memorial Handball Tournament


In Memory of Dr Richard M Berkman

In Memory of Dr Richard M Berkman

In Memory of Dr. Richard M Berkman

In Memory of Dr. Richard M Berkman -Sports Massage Santa Barbara, Piktr PRO Massage, Nicola, LMT
Sports Massage Santa Barbara, Nicola, LMT

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